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On 12/12/12 I am one of the sixteen experts presenting at the Christmas Creative Cooperation Event in Dorset.

Each expert is sharing insights to help businesses flourish in 2013 and beyond.  And our topics are named in line with the Christmas theme, starting with…

‘Getting Booked for Christmas’ – this is my presentation

My fourth book is due to be released shortly (look out for a special pre-publishing date offer coming soon) and in this session I’ll be sharing why being an author is a powerful marketing asset. Plus I’ll reveal how you can write the content of your first in just 7 days. Over the Christmas break perhaps?

I’m asking people to bring a list of FAQs for their business with the intention of leaving with their book content outlined. And I’ll be sharing resources and tips on getting it published. Ready to demonstrate your expertise? Join me to find out more.

You can book your seat and see more details about the whole event at Christmas Creative – here’s a hint of what the other expert’s sessions are:

Five Golden Rings!

Avoid common mistakes when thinking about telephone sales

Have you got the right ‘Buttons’?

A review of communication tools for connecting with mobile VoIP users.

Paved with Gold?

Can eBay be a serious way to market your products?

Elf Yourself!

Your customers could be your most passionate promoters.

Smart Marketing

12 crossword clues for cryptic marketing messages

Joined Up Marketing

How to track how connecting your offline and online marketing improves your success rates.

Oh yes it is! Social media’s here

The latest tips and tricks for getting noticed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Google + the Golden Goose?

Explores why you should be hanging out on Google + this Christmas.

Lost your Focus?

How to keep on track and get rid of ‘fatal distractions’.

The 12 days of Christmas

The Christmas break is a golden time to rest, review and run rings around your business.

The 8 Holiday Horrors?

Explores your coping strategies for the ever increasing tempo and ‘holiday’ stresses.

Extra Dough for Christmas

How to grown your business with a little bit of energy, some skills, a goal, some direction and a secret magic ingredient…

The Panto Factor

Build real life social connections might add weight to your marketing.

Exit Left, Right or Behind You!

Are you likely to throw away the rewards of building your business by failing to plan your financial exit strategy?

The Christmas Mystery

This is still to be revealed!

Pop over to Christmas Creative and join us for a bit of festive cheer and some inspiration for your business in 2013!

~ Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

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