are Gmail tabs impacting your email open rates?

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Emails are still an important communication method for many businesses and marketing people – think about it – social websites use email to notify subscribers of posts and updates so emails are not obsolete yet!

When Gmail announced earlier this year that they were implementing tabs to organise our incoming emails, many online marketing folk predicted problems with promotional and notification emails being diverted to the promotions tab and not being seen and opened.

So – what impact has the new Gmail tabs structure had?

Maybe not as much as feared, especially when you consider that the tabbed structure has no impact on the 77% of emails that are read on desktops or mobiles.

The article Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox: The Good News & The Bad News by Tom Sather (Return Path’s senior director of email research) gives more insights to Gmail’s tabbed inbox and is worth reading if you are unsure of what, if any, impact it has on your email marketing efforts.

You can also get some tips, on how to increase the chances of your marketing messages getting seen, in Ashley Kemper’s article What The New Gmail Inbox Means For Your Email Campaign (Ashley is Marketing Manager at Blue Fountain Media)

And finally, you can educate your subscribers on how to organise their Gmail Inbox tabs to increase the likelihood of your messages reaching their Primary tab: Gmail Inbox Tabs

~Carol Bentley


Written by Carol Bentley

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