Are you missing this (video-marketing) trick?

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A little while ago I mentioned that videos are gaining the edge for online marketing and I shared some thoughts on different video styles.

So when I saw the headline ‘The Video SEO War is Over.. and YouTube Won!’ I was intrigued.

It makes interesting reading.

If you use video extensively and have created a video sitemap to submit to Google to gain a higher position in the search results, you may be wasting your time.

The statistics quoted in the article, and the conclusions the author reaches, seem to imply it is wiser to put your promotional video up on YouTube and then embed it in your blog or website, rather than self-hosting or distributing it through other video channels.

Mind you, some of his readers disagree quite strongly with his conclusions (and with the report his article is discussing).

Take a look at ‘The Video SEO Was is Over..‘ and the comments posted and see what you think.

~ Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

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