Blog: How organised are you? [great tool]

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I’ve stumbled across a great tool that makes it so much easier to plan and organise your blog posts.

You know what it’s like… you are browsing looking for some info and suddenly get distracted by something else.

What? Am I the only one who does that?

So I saw this article on how to get a new blog filled with posts – and I’m always curious to see what tips people give.

One of the questions raised was ‘How frequently should you post?’ and part of the advice given was to decide the frequency and the topics you want to post and use a schedule to keep on track, perhaps in a spreadsheet.

Now I’m not that organised – you’ve probably noticed I tend to post when I think of something that might interest you or I want to share a discovery or a post from a valued guest author.

But there was a link! To a great plug-in for a WordPress blog – an Editorial Calendar!

So I took a look. And I liked what I saw… and I plan to use it on a new website I’m setting up. This is what it gives you


  1. You can see all of your posts, the author and when the posts go live
  2. You can drag and drop your post to change publishing dates
  3. You can ‘Quick edit’ post titles, contents and publish times
  4. Create new posts and save as a draft or publish
  5. Easily check the status of all your posts.
  6. Manage posts from more than one author, great if you have guest bloggers.

I installed it on this blog and I used it to add and schedule this post.

Take a look at this video – no affiliate connection – I just wanted you to see a great tool that you can use for FREE! How cool is that?


Maybe I’ll go back to doing more regular posts like I did in the early days of this blog.

My challenge – as it is for anyone hosting a blog – is finding topics that are fresh and interesting for my readers.

Any suggestions on what you’d like to see on here?

~ Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

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