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I really appreciate your decision to tell your friends and business colleagues about my copywriting and marketing tips blog.  And I'd like to show my appreciation by gifting you a useful MP3 audio, which you can download immediately your recommendations have been sent to just three of your contacts.

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Profitable Mailings...

In this MP3 audio gift I describe some of the techniques high-performing direct response copywriters use to craft irresistible sales letters so they enjoy the highest profitable mailing possible.

  • 4 Sales Letter Writing Rules That Persuade People to Buy
  • How Answering This Critical Question Turns A Mediocre Sales Letter Into A Results-Generating Dynamo
  • 8 Design Secrets To Compel Your Prospect To Continue Reading
  • How Powerful Headlines Gain Massive Sales Increases: 10 Proven Examples for You to Adopt
Download and listen to the MP3 and review it as often as you like.  And take notes, then decide which tip to implement in your marketing first.

Don't Like Giving People's Email Addresses...

I'm very wary about giving out people's email addresses, after all with all these incessant unsolicited - and often unpleasant - emails who can blame me?

Do you feel the same?

If so, let me reassure you by explaining exactly how this works:

1) You enter your name and email address in the box below. This is used in the message that is sent out to your friends so they know the suggestion to visit my blogging website has come from you.

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6) If you check the box, you receive a message if your friend(s) decide to visit - it's nice to know when people follow your recommendations, isn't it? 

So you see, I've taken every precaution I can to make sure recommending my website to your friends is a good experience and one they thank you for. Just three friends is all it takes to claim your free MP3 gift. (Oh, by the way, please double-check the spelling when you type in your friends' email addresses, to avoid disappointment). Thanks.

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