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139 Proven Sales Letter Writing, Direct Marketing & Business Development Tactics Make Short Work of Recession Fears

Carol Bentley UK Direct Response Copywriter"A full year of insightful blog posts distilled into a reference bible of recession-busting copywriting & marketing tactics!"

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You're in business and you want to stay in business! And the only way you can do that is to beat this recession!

In any business situation there are winners and losers. Even in a recession some businesses come out stronger. And you can too if you continue - or even better - increase your targeted marketing action.

But what action should you take?

Use strong, proven marketing tactics.  The tactics and strategies I've shared on my copywriting blog which other business owners have already used - and continue to use - reap massive benefits.

And now it's your turn to turn those same powerful tactics to your advantage because now, right at your fingertips, is the distillation of those blog posts... 139 of the proven, most effective marketing insights taken from the 174 posts I've shared on the blog over the last year all collated into one marketing reference-bible.

And all ready to be in the most useful place for you - on your desktop; right at your fingertips - digital or paperback, your choice.

A Valuable Asset

"Any business owner who wants to use effective marketing to grow their sales will find this an invaluable book.

You can 'dip in' to the 139 bite-size business tips for quick insights to easy to implement ideas and the downloadable gifts Carol has included are a valuable asset."

Jonathan Jay

Sky-rocket your sales ; grow your business - yes!  you can sky-rocket your sales even in a deep depression - as some of my previous book and blog readers have already done...

30% Increase In Sales

"I've studied your book and used the knowledge gained to write many letters to my existing customers and as a result, I am getting more repeat work from my existing carpet & upholstery cleaning customers.  I am achieving about 30% more results from using these techniques."

Gerwyn Jones

Sales Letter Writing Advice Invaluable

"I have found the articles and your advice in writing sales letters invaluable. I am just starting to see results greater than before . Thank you."

Brian Kennard
Chipping Sodbury,  South Glos

Winning Strategy

"Good practical and usable stuff with a down to earth no BS approach . The blog helps by making me think more about the copy I write.

But let's not underestimate the enormity of going from ground zero to a truly effective copywriter. There are probably a handful of great copywriters in this country.

My strategy is to be a bit better than most out there who don't use or can't afford these few stars!"

Graham Rowan
National Nutrition Clinic
Richmond, Surrey

What's your winning strategy for beating the recession? Is it like Graham - making sure you get the business that is out there using your sales-generating copywriting and marketing skills?

If so, then all you have to decide now is do you prefer to trawl through the web, hoping Google brings up the crucial advice you're desperately seeking?  

Do you want to spend time searching for that golden nugget to help you drive your business through these tough times - or would you rather have accessible, easy to use, proven marketing gems - a searchable marketing reference bible right there - on your desktop? One that you can check at any time - even when you're not connected to the internet?

This extensive 463-page volume delivers:

19 Added-Value Articles From 10 Contributing Business Professionals and Authors

Read the wisdom these experts kindly contributed...

Bonus Gifts To Download

You get another real advantage with this volume... one you can't get by just checking the blog...

Let me explain; subscribers to my blog get extras through private posts. A private post is password protected. Only subscribers get the password.

So if you found one of these private posts today gifting a special report, audio interview or copywriting template you can't get it because you don't have the password .

Even if you subscribed to the blog today you only get future gifts not the ones already handed out...unless you

Grab this distilled volume of blog posts
because it contains the download URL for every valuable gift I shared with my readers.

Some are from me, others are from respected professionals who have generously agreed to let me include their crucial links in the book.

Your downloadable bonus gifts include:

and other gems scattered throughout the book... 14 gifts in all.

Is This The Real Stuff... Or Just Marketing Fluff?

If you are new to my blog - or haven't even visited it yet - then you have no experience of the quality of my advice. That's where my regular readers score - they've read, used and implemented the tactics I've shared since I started the blog site. You've read above how they've enjoyed the results and benefits. 

Got quite a few hours to spare? Then of course you could visit, search, explore and read these marketing gems. But there's no saying you'll find the crucial titbit you need right now - is there? (Plus you don't get the revealing bonus gifts I mentioned earlier).

You want that sales-boosting gem; that recession-busting tactic immediately. Don't waste time trawling through Google... or my blog.

The book is organised into categories so you spot what you need instantly. Plus I've marked articles/posts containing specific recession-busting tactics and advice so you can turn straight to them.

When the book was published 31.2% of my blog readers ordered their copy of the book, even though they had already seen the content in the blog posts. 


Because they wanted to have all these recession-beating gems at their fingertips. Don't you?

Take this Beat The Recession: Proven Marketing Tactics guide and use it. Use it for a full year - discover for yourself the powerful results these strategies and actions deliver - without any risk because you have a...

Crazy 365-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Some of the marketing tactics in this book deliver results almost immediately; others take a while to implement and for results to come through.

That's why a 30-day guarantee isn't really much use, is it? It hardly gives you time to read  the content let alone put it into action!  And I don't want you to feel pressurised.

I took a year to write these posts so I think it is fair to give you a year to test the techniques for yourself. But will you promise me one thing?

Please, please, please read the specific recession-busting articles (marked in the table of contents with an *) and

put some of them into action as quickly as possible

so you start to see results sooner rather than later.  That's fair isn't it?

I've collated all this material so you can quickly review it and take action on the crucial advice it contains. The ebook format (PDF) gives you finger-tip control; search for the most effective marketing tactics to implement today.

And you get these explosively effective marketing techniques - which have generated thousands of pounds in increased revenue for other businesses - in digital version for a mere £19 - that's hardly the price of a decent meal out!

Or if you'd rather have a good book in your hands - instead of just reading it onscreen...

Order The Published Volume

This substantial book is published at a RRP of £27 + p&p. 

Order the published volume today - and download the digital ebook totally free of charge (total value £46 + p&p).

Yes - I'd rather have the book in my hands so I want a published copy of your collection of marketing tactics: "Beat The Recession: Proven Marketing Tactics"

And I can start using these tactics without delay by downloading the digital PDF version FREE today

Normal Total Retail: Published Book & eBook= £46 

Your Offer: £27.00 + p&p

Choose Your Delivery Location

You can use your credit /debit card to pay securely through PayPal. I use this payment method to keep your details private & secure.  However, if you do not wish to use PayPal you can use this offline request form instead.

This special combined order offer could expire at any time, without any further warning. Order your copy today and you'll soon be enjoying the results of putting these marketing tactics into play for your business.

Or you can just go for the download version and print off the 463 pages for yourself (hope you've got a fast printer)...

Yes - I'm happy with having the digital version only and I can't wait to get my copy of your collection of marketing tactics in the ebook "Beat The Recession: Proven Marketing Tactics"

Price: £19.00

You can use your credit /debit card to pay securely through PayPal. I use this payment method to keep your details private and secure.

Here's a comment I received by email from just one of my readers...

A Goldmine Of Copywriting Resources

"Hi Carol

I've just ordered your new book.

I've not had the chance to read all of it yet - but I have 'dived' into various sections of the e-book version and it looks like it's going to be an absolute goldmine of copywriting resources .

I look forward to receiving the hard--copy in due course.

Thanks again.


(Laurie Housley - Casvor Publishing)

When this recession is over I'm confident you'll agree implementing these proven marketing tactics was the wisest business decision you took - but only if you take action today, starting with getting your copy of this crucial marketing tactics collection.Carol Bentley UK Direct Response Copywriter

Kind regards  Carol Bentley UK Direct Response Copywriter

P.S.  In a survey I held before releasing this book I invited my blog readers to say why they would recommend buying this collection.  The survey was completed anonymously but I thought I'd share some of the comments that were left (if you recognise your contribution please accept my Thanks for your time and support):

Time Is Precious

"Time is precious especially when you want to increase your marketing efforts during a recession - get your advice in simple bite size chunks - tea break fillers."


Business Focused Expertise

"It's written by a business focused expert, not just a copywriter who has no real business experience."

Not Pie-In-The-Sky Fantasy Advice

"I would say it's main strength is it gives you "real world" business advice, strategies and tips.  These are things that you do day-in and day-out with your clients to help them in their businesses.

Most other books like this, only give you pie-in-the-sky fantasy advice. 

You give techniques that are actually workable and most importantly... believable."

Write Effective Sales Letters

"All the hints, tips and inspiration you need to write effective sales letters, in one book; great if you are working away from the distraction of the Internet."

Answers At Your Fingertips

"Answers at your fingertips when you want and not having to wait or look for each blog post that may give relevant information."


One-Stop Shop

"It's a one stop shop for all the copywriting and marketing tips you're going to need to grow your business."

Bible of Copywriting

"It would be like a 'bible of copywriting', that someone can keep referring back to without having to trawl through loads of stuff to find what they want!"

Serious Business Builders Take Note

"All Serious Business-Builders Take Note; For Your Eyes Only.

Unbelievably detailed and essential, proven marketing information in an easy- find format.

Plus - not only fascinating bonus downloads but also -support by Carol A.E. Bentley herself."

Why Struggle?

"Why struggle when you can have up to date advice at your fingertips?"

Pull Through The Recession

"It may be the quickest and most focused way to get the information that the potential buyers think that they need to pull through the recession."

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