Lead-Generation Videos: 6 Crucial Elements

A lead-generation video can boost your sales (it helped to double sales for one of my clients). But, to create an effective lead-generation video, you need to include 6 crucial elements – I’ll tell you what they are in a moment – first, let’s explore why video is a strong tool to have as part […]

Written by Carol Bentley

printed letters are humbug! or are they…?

If you’ve ever thought that sending printed letters is now marketing humbug… then check these surprising insights from consumers…

Written by Carol Bentley

are Gmail tabs impacting your email open rates?

Emails are still an important communication method for many businesses and marketing people – think about it – social websites use email to notify subscribers of posts and updates so emails are not obsolete yet! When Gmail announced earlier this year that they were implementing tabs to organise our incoming emails, many online marketing folk […]

Written by Carol Bentley

email marketing fairy tales..

Fairy tales are traditionally used to teach, as well as entertain children. We all like stories and, if there is a lesson to be learnt in the tale… well that’s a good thing.

These variations of familiar fairy tales cleverly give us some great email marketing lessons… whilst you read, have a think about a story you could share about your business – there’s a valuable prize for the best tale told…

Written by Carol Bentley

why read this now?

Your web or blog visitor wants to read your article or post but doesn’t have time. So what can you do? If they have a Kindle or Kindle App this is a great way to make it easy for them…

Written by Carol Bentley

Better Business Cards: Put a Modern Spin on an Old Standby

In today’s post, guest author Marshall Jones answers the question “Business cards? Why bother?” and gives some good reasons why they still have a place in this digital age of social media platforms…

Written by Carol Bentley

testimonials: are they working for or against you?

Everyone knows that a good testimonial can work wonders for your business reputation and encourage prospects to buy from you.

But customers rarely know how to write a testimonial that does a great job for you – and a badly worded testimonial can actually be damaging.

Ask these 5 questions to help your customers give you a powerful testimonial..

Written by Carol Bentley