why read this now?

Your web or blog visitor wants to read your article or post but doesn’t have time. So what can you do? If they have a Kindle or Kindle App this is a great way to make it easy for them…

Written by Carol Bentley

Are you missing this (video-marketing) trick?

If you are using video to promote your business, how important is the distribution platform for your search engine ranking? Are you missing a video-marketing trick, this may throw some light on the subject…

Written by Carol Bentley

Are your emails mobile friendly?

How mobile-friendly are your marketing emails? Have you ever thought about it? Do you need to? Based on this research it could be more important than you think… so do your emails match these three considerations?

Written by Carol Bentley

testing – which video style works for you?

Finding new ways of raising your business above the noise of your competitors’ marketing is paramount to your success.

And video is becoming more popular – almost a necessity – in online marketing.

But a new type of video presentation is emerging that can make your message stand out from the crowd.

Which of these two videos appeals to you?

The traditional or the new…

Written by Carol Bentley

you are invited

On 12/12/12 I am one of the sixteen experts presenting at the Christmas Creative Cooperation Event in Dorset and you are invited to join us for a bit of festive cheer and some inspiration for your business in 2013!

Written by Carol Bentley

Five (+ One) Must Have Apps for Small Business Owners

With the right apps, entrepreneurs and SME owners are now on an even playing field with the executives of large corporations when it comes to running an efficient, tech-savvy company through the use of mobile marketing.

But with so many apps to choose from, which would serve you best? Here are five that could be considered vital to your app library…

Written by Carol Bentley

going mobile-friendly? here is a useful tool…

If you are planning a mobile friendly version of your website here is a useful tool for checking how it looks on the most popular mobile phones…

Written by Carol Bentley