testimonials: are they working for or against you?

Everyone knows that a good testimonial can work wonders for your business reputation and encourage prospects to buy from you.

But customers rarely know how to write a testimonial that does a great job for you – and a badly worded testimonial can actually be damaging.

Ask these 5 questions to help your customers give you a powerful testimonial..

Written by Carol Bentley

Famine or feast?

You’ve got an appointment with new prospect and you are itching to let them know about the wealth of services or products and benefits you can deliver.

Is that wise?

Or is playing ‘Santa’ to your prospect a major turn-off for them? Discover how to make sure you leave that meeting with the order in your pocket…

Written by Carol Bentley

you are invited

On 12/12/12 I am one of the sixteen experts presenting at the Christmas Creative Cooperation Event in Dorset and you are invited to join us for a bit of festive cheer and some inspiration for your business in 2013!

Written by Carol Bentley

Videos: How to Make Sales Letters Charismatic

Knowing how to connect and create rapport with your prospect in a written sales message, especially when you’ve never met them, is a challenge for any business owner.

In these two short videos I share the secrets that charismatic speakers use to captivate their audience and describe how to use those same techniques to enchant your prospect with your written sales messages.

Written by Carol Bentley

how to ask for business constantly

How can you constantly ask for referrals without irritating your customers? Here’s a simple tip that takes very little effort and yet can be very effective…

Written by Carol Bentley

How well does your customer know you

It is far more difficult – and costly – to find new customers than it is to keep your existing customers happy by enhancing their experience with your business; making sure they do not miss out through your negligence. And making your first sale is easier if you are introduced to your prospect by a […]

Written by Carol Bentley

Death of the long letter

This is the last of the questions that were submitted for ‘public consumption’ and it is an interesting one because, in some respects, the answer may seem to contradict the advice I give many business owners. It was sent in by Ian Brodie from Lighthouse Business Consulting : One area I’m really interested in is […]

Written by Carol Bentley