Are Blog Posts a Waste of Your Time?

With so much demand on our time as business owners, you may sometimes wonder if writing blog posts, or posting on any of the social media websites, is productive? Of course, it does depend upon who your target audience is, when you publish your blog posts, what you write about and how you present your […]

Written by Carol Bentley

why read this now?

Your web or blog visitor wants to read your article or post but doesn’t have time. So what can you do? If they have a Kindle or Kindle App this is a great way to make it easy for them…

Written by Carol Bentley

Better Business Cards: Put a Modern Spin on an Old Standby

In today’s post, guest author Marshall Jones answers the question “Business cards? Why bother?” and gives some good reasons why they still have a place in this digital age of social media platforms…

Written by Carol Bentley

Inviting writers & marketers: keynote speaker announcement

After running a popular breakout session in last year’s ‘Words That Sell’ conference, hosted by the UK Speechwriter’s Guild & A Thousand Monkeys (a writing agency), I was asked by the organisers to be one of the main Keynote Speakers at this year’s event. The conference is being held on Friday 19th April in Bournemouth. […]

Written by Carol Bentley

How Important are Visuals in Online Marketing?

A picture is worth a thousand words, according to the quote. Are you making the most of the power imagery can add to your marketing? People tend to be drawn to things that are visually stimulating. The internet is…

Written by Carol Bentley

testing – which video style works for you?

Finding new ways of raising your business above the noise of your competitors’ marketing is paramount to your success.

And video is becoming more popular – almost a necessity – in online marketing.

But a new type of video presentation is emerging that can make your message stand out from the crowd.

Which of these two videos appeals to you?

The traditional or the new…

Written by Carol Bentley

new book announcement

The new book ‘I Want To Buy Your Product.. Have You Sent Me A Sales Message Yet?’ is now at the printers, but anyone pre-ordering gets the PDF version instantly.

Once you’ve found your prospects using the techniques described in the chapters:

‘Careful Targeting’
‘Lead Generating Landing Pages’
‘Sales Writing for Social Media’
‘Profiting from PR’
‘How To Gain A Marketing Edge’
and ‘Advertise To Create Business Wealth’

you can use the insights revealed in the other 17 chapters to…

Written by Carol Bentley