Cialdini and the art of persuasion

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Understanding the art of persuasion when you write your sales letter gives you an edge.

Understanding the art of reciprocity when interacting with people in your network of business contacts can bring great rewards – for both sides. (Check the content of the example letter I gifted you in yesterday’s post).

But it’s not just about understanding these principles, it’s about being genuine when you use them in your dealings with people.

And that’s a clear point Dr Robert Cialdini makes both in his book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion and in his presentation on Power of Persuasion.

If you haven’t read his book I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy.

The ISBN numbers are:

  • ISBN-10: 006124189X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061241895

It will help you write more powerful, compelling and persuasive letters.

And whilst you’re waiting for your book to arrive, take look at the video clips on YouTube showing Dr Cialdini’s presentations. Simple go to and type Cialdini in the search box for a wealth of video clips to browse.

And don’t forget to come back and leave your comments on what he reveals and if you have any experiences supporting his research.

~ Carol Bentley

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Written by Carol Bentley

10 Responses to “Cialdini and the art of persuasion”

  • Hi Tish,
    in our modern age of super-connection via social media the art of reciprocity is even more noticeable. Comments on our actions of generosity spread so much more quickly and that ties into networking both on and off line.

    BTW – I like your article about the Art of Persuasion – especially the trick reading question at the beginning. ;¬D

  • Persuasion techniques are of course required in writing, face to face and via the phone. Great book recommendation. And you are right Carol the art of reciprocity is much needed while networking…

  • Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ David. If you search for Cialdini on YouTube you can still see his video of the 6 principles. I’ll adjust the post to tell people that.

  • Carol,
    The video recommended on Youtube has been removed due to copyright violations.
    I thought you would want to know and possibly edit the content of your blog.

  • Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!