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Fairy tales are traditionally used to teach, as well as entertain children. We all like stories, don’t we? And, if there is a lesson to be learnt in the tale… well that’s a good thing.

These variations of familiar fairy tales cleverly give us some great email marketing lessons… so enjoy the stories and discover some  marketing gold nuggets from our friends at Aweber… (and whilst you read, have a think about a story you could share about your business – there’s a valuable prize for the best tale told).

Email Marketing Fairytales

Once upon a time, there was an email marketer who knew he could do more. He had a sign up form on his website and a great-looking email template designed. He sent out a monthly newsletter to his entire email list, and even had a couple of follow up messages created. But his list just wasn’t growing as quickly as he wanted. And he wasn’t making any sales. He knew he had the basics down but thought to himself, “If only I knew how I could do better!”

Just before Halloween, he found a dusty old book of email marketing fairy tales on the very last bookshelf of the very last room of his local library. He took it home and carefully read each story as they contained important morals to be learned…

Goldilocks And The Three Emails

Goldilocks enjoyed shopping online, especially for gifts. With her mother’s birthday coming up, she set out to find the perfect handmade sweater her mother would love.

Goldilocks visited three websites and didn’t purchase anything, but she did sign up for emails from each site and hoped she’d be notified when new sweaters were made. The very next day, three messages were waiting in her inbox…

Click to enjoy the rest of this tale and two more…

This is an entertaining and memorable way of delivering important messages about your business… so what fairy tale can you write about your business?

Pop yours into the comment box below and I’ll give a valuable surprise prize to the best tale told before December 18th 2013.

~Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

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