How Important are Visuals in Online Marketing?

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In this month’s post from Megan she explores the use of visuals on your website and in your online marketing.

Visuals in Online Marketing

By Megan Totka,

As a whole, people tend to be drawn to things that are visually stimulating. The internet is no exception.

Have you ever been to a website and not been able to concentrate on the information that is offered because the design is either terrible or overdone? The look of a website, email, or internet ad is critical when it comes to gaining and keeping the interest of viewers.

Quite a few internet trends, popular websites and social networks focus on the use of images. Facebook is used by many people to share personal photos. Companies also use the social networking site to share pictures of products, services, and even customers who are buying or using a product. Instagram is also a very popular photo-sharing site that both individuals and businesses are using to share photos. The most popular and one of the newest visually-focused websites is Pinterest.  Businesses should definitely implement Pinterest in their social strategies.

Pinterest exploded onto the social network scene recently. It gained popularity with individuals very quickly, and now businesses have caught on as well. Businesses are able to pin their own products and services, as well as sharing things that are related. Pinterest also has a very simple site design, so as not to take away from the pins that their users choose.

A recent survey by Steelhouse shows that as many as 59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item that they saw on Pinterest. This compares to only 33% of Facebook users who have purchased something they saw on Facebook. To me, this shows that a visually stimulating website can absolutely help to drive sales.

Another trend in online marketing and advertising is the infographic. Infographics are visually interesting graphics that depict information about any number of subjects. They are used by companies to convey information in a new and exciting way, rather than having people just read a large block of text. An infographic crams a lot of information into a compact space, making it more likely that readers will take in the information. Infographics should be creative and colorful.

Having a visually interesting website is probably the best thing that you can do for your business. There is however, a fine line between a well-designed website and one that takes it over the top. Be cautious with your colour and pattern choices. Adding photos or videos of your product or the service that you offer is a good idea as well. Personally, I am much less likely to purchase a product that I can’t see first. And with a huge shift towards online shopping, images are more important than ever.

Using interesting and relevant visuals to enhance your online presence is becoming more and more important. Consider adding visual interest to your website, social media pages, and marketing materials. You may see a significant uptick in sales!

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for Search the local business directory at to find over 11 million listed businesses.

Are you using visuals in your online marketing? Have you opened a Pinterest account? If so, how are you using it? Share your experiences in the comments below.

~ Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

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