How positive are you about. . .

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Just how positive are you about your success or failure – in life or business? Have you noticed the way people think seems to support the outcome they experience?

So tell me, are you a ‘the glass is half-full’ or ‘the glass is half-empty’ type of person? And does it really matter?

For many years experts have encouraged us to ‘think positively’ in order to be successful. But some people find that far more difficult to do than others. And thinking about it, I realised that the worriers in this world; the people who get stressed; the people who agonise over what’s happening when things don’t go quite to plan are often those who have a ‘glass half-empty’ approach.

So why have I brought this up? I’ll tell you.

I recently received an ezine with an article that gave a very interesting – and quite different view – of positive thinking. In fact it started off by saying ‘Positive Thinking Does Not Work‘.

Have you had people say that to you? Maybe that’s the experience you’ve had.

The author went on to say:

“And, not only does positive thinking NOT cause transformation but it could actually be a root cause of people living life in a vicious cycle.”

Now that caught my eye because I’m one of those positive, ‘glass half-full’ people and this seemed to be heresy!

But I’m also open minded and, after reading the remainder of the article, I concluded it not only makes sense, it is also an insightful explanation for anyone who has tried positive thinking with disappointing results.

It might be just the refreshing start you need for the New Year and, even if it isn’t, it certainly helps to understand why positive thinking doesn’t work for some people.

You can read the full article at Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

My best wishes to you for a prosperous 2008 and good luck with all you aim to achieve this year and beyond.

~ Carol Bentley

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Written by Carol Bentley

4 Responses to “How positive are you about. . .”

  • Of course simply thinking positively about something will not make it come about. This line of thought comes from simply misunderstanding the concept.

    There is however a lot of truth in saying that, if you believe deep in your heart that you cannot do something, or that you don’t or can’t have success, you’re probably right.

    Our mind constantly tries to gather evidence to support our beliefs and this is why a doom and gloom attitude (glass if half full) tends to bring on doom and gloom type outcomes.

  • LOL – I love your approach. Yes, that is definitely balanced.

  • I try to avoid the half full or half empty analogy of my perspective or state of being.

    As a self proclaimed realist that tries to keep an even keel, I only say there’s some amount of water in the glass.

  • I am usually a “glass is ONLY half empty” kind a person. As in, I don’t go for the glass is half full, meaning I am not the most positive person, but at the same time, I try to bring out solutions of negativity. I think its not really about positivity or negativity, we should be more attached to being more realistic. Being positive has downsides as the author of the article said because when the outcomes are not positive then there is a big amount of disappointment.

    Adam Warne
    Webmaster, Bargains Plus More