photo files too big for your blog?

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Google likes pictures. So including pictures in your blog posts is a good way to get noticed by Google. Be careful – big picture files can take a long time to load and your reader may get bored and leave.

Of course you can use online stock photos , that are already optimised for quick-loading on websites, to make your post more visually appealing (see Stimulating your post… for info on getting copyright free images).

But if you want to use photos you’ve taken yourself with your digital camera, there is a good chance the file will be very large – maybe more than 1 Mbyte – which could slow your website to the speed of thick treacle pooling off a spoon.

Now, if you have a graphics program and you know how to use it, you can open your photo file and reduce the size to be more web-friendly.

An Easy To Use FREE Online Photo Adjuster

Actually it is an editor that gives you a huge amount of easy to use features, including adjusting brightness, adjusting contrast and adding rounded edge frames – as well as reducing the actual file size.

Let me give you an example:

I was sent a picture when Kelly, my PA, nominated me for the Langtry Manor Employer of the Year Venus Award. It was a reasonable file size… just 324Kb but the proportions were too large to include in this post.

So I popped over to PicMonkey to reduce the size. I altered the physical size from 946×576 to 300×183 (I only set the width, the height was adjusted automatically) and, whilst I was there I decided to add my photo – to show who was nominated ;). The actual file size reduced from 324kb to a miserly – but quick to load – 36.6Kb.

All it took was a few clicks and it was done. Here’s the result:

Thanks Must Go To…

I didn’t know about this brilliant resource until a few weeks ago. And I have to thank Angela Wills who also took the trouble to record a 4.5 minute video showing how to use the website, it’s not difficult but it is nice to be able to see how it is done.

You can see Angela’s post and video on Free Image Resizer

Hope you find this FREE tool as useful as I have!

~ Carol Bentley


(Note to self: must use more pictures!)

Written by Carol Bentley

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