printed letters are humbug! or are they…?

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Surprisingly, the majority of consumers do not think printed letters are humbug!

“From letterbox to Inbox 2013 – has revealed that 90% of consumers say they ‘could not imagine living without a letterbox’, compared to 94% who said they could not live without home internet access and 86% who could not live without a mobile.”

According to the post shared on their blog.


The research was sponsored by HP and carried out by Direct Marketing Association and fast.MAP. An encouraging statistic, for marketers, that came out of the survey was that 79% of consumers immediately take action on direct mail they have received.

Plus, 56% of those asked said they trusted printed marketing more than digital marketing messages.

So, a well written letter*, sent to a targeted audience with a relevant offer still has an important place in a business marketing strategy.

Thinking about it… that probably explains why Google use direct mail to promote their Adwords service, have you received one of their discount cards?

You can read more about the study and results in ‘90% say that they ‘could not imagine living without a letterbox’’

* If you find it difficult to write a persuasive letter I’d be happy to help. Use my copywriting enquiry form to arrange a friendly, no-obligation chat.

~ Carol Bentley


Written by Carol Bentley

2 Responses to “printed letters are humbug! or are they…?”

  • That’s a great strategy Karin – a reminder service like that means your clients don’t have the hassle of ‘remembering’ and keeps you fresh in their minds too.

  • Besides our email marketing (emailing the same “letter”) we post this letter – a maintenance reminder – to most of our clients. Both work well, so in my opinion both should be integrated into your marketing strategies.