are Gmail tabs impacting your email open rates?

Emails are still an important communication method for many businesses and marketing people – think about it – social websites use email to notify subscribers of posts and updates so emails are not obsolete yet! When Gmail announced earlier this year that they were implementing tabs to organise our incoming emails, many online marketing folk […]

Written by Carol Bentley

email marketing fairy tales..

Fairy tales are traditionally used to teach, as well as entertain children. We all like stories and, if there is a lesson to be learnt in the tale… well that’s a good thing.

These variations of familiar fairy tales cleverly give us some great email marketing lessons… whilst you read, have a think about a story you could share about your business – there’s a valuable prize for the best tale told…

Written by Carol Bentley

if you have ever been tempted…

if you have ever been tempted to purchase an email list or gather email addresses from websites to use in your marketing you could be risking a heavy fine of…

Written by Carol Bentley