testimonials: are they working for or against you?

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Your customer testimonials are one way to boost your business credibility.

We all know a good testimonial can work wonders for our business reputation and encourage prospects to buy.

But our customers are busy and, unless asked, will rarely think to give us a testimonial (unsolicited ones are the best).

So we ask. They say “yes, OK” and then we hit another problem because customers rarely know how to write a testimonial that does a great job for you – and a badly worded testimonial can actually be damaging.

In a presentation to members of THE Hub, I recommended having a more formal way of collecting testimonials. As soon as you’ve delivered your product or service and your customer is happy with the results, that is the time to ask.

But when you do ask,  make it easy for them to write a testimonial that you can use by giving them a structure to follow; questions to answer.

In the presentation I shared 5 questions you can ask to help your customers give a powerful testimonial.

I think the most valuable tip I shared though, is to take the best testimonials and turn them into descriptive case-studies that can enhance your business image.

Here are the slides from the presentation:

Testimonials to case studies from Promote Your Business Ltd
If you’d like to take a closer look at the case study shown in the slide you can download it here: GB Tours Case Study
Do you have a formal system for collecting testimonials? If so, what do you do?
~ Carol Bentley
Written by Carol Bentley

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