What’s On Offer and A few Clients’ Thoughts


You have access to a complete range of copywriting services, from makeover reviews to re-writes to sales letter/web copywriting to video scripts and whiteboard animation video.

You can see my copywriting style and read more about how I approach copywriting projects at www.carolbentley.com

Here’s what some of my clients have said…

Copywriting Services: Sales Letter Re-write

“At every step Carol has kept me informed of the progress as well as encouraging me to contribute my ideas to the project.

She has not only rewritten a letter that was not working, but provided numerous other pieces of advice to aid in the marketing of my product. I am confident that my sales will now at least double.”

Richard Green,
RIK Enterprises Ltd,
Rotherham, UK


Copywriting Services: Web Sales Letter Rewrite

“Thank you for the front end sales letter. I am so pleased & relieved that finally I have someone who has breathed life into my letter, instead of just re-writing my sentences!

My partner John was equally impressed. He came home quite late in the evening, and typically turned on the telly to watch the World Cup. I told him that the letter was ready. He asked to read it. I watched him reading it. He did not look up once to watch the football game. Every few minutes I asked ‘Is it good?’ He would reply ‘Yeah!’

I left him alone and started working in my spare room. He came running up the stairs and said ‘You’re really lucky to have found this lady. She’s really good! The letter is gripping, I really wanted to finish it.’

So, thank you very much! ”

Elizabeth Rosa
Director, Master Keys To Success Ltd

Before accepting any project I encourage prospective clients to have a short, no obligation telephone conversation to make sure we are a match. The potential client has to be sure I offer the service they want and that they are comfortable with my working style. I also want them to be confident I’ll deliver what they are looking for. And I, in turn, need to be sure I can work with the client.

Because the exploratory telephone call is rarely confined to copywriting – I often give away pure gems of marketing advice – it is recorded so the client can re-listen and review the conversation at any time.

Copywriting Services: Bentley Makeover

“I didn’t quite know what to expect from our phone call, probably hoping to get a focus on the way forward for my business marketing plan. I was truly grateful to Carol for taking the time to speak with me, it was greatly appreciated.

Without a doubt Carol has opened my thinking up to copywriting in a completely different light. I am now focussed on the areas which I need to work on to promote my company and increase my share of the market.

Carol ran through so many golden nuggets that I could use for my business within our conversation. I will use the information to improve all written material be it direct mail, website, flyers etc ensuring that I am using the correct terminology to draw people into purchasing bespoke furniture.

Carol thank you.”

Michael Mancini
Casa Mancini Ltd (Bespoke Furniture)
Glasgow, UK


Copywriting Services: Consultation

“I called Carol Bentley for help with a special report I was writing for my business.

To be honest, I was struggling for ideas at the time. But, during my consultation with Carol my brain LIT UP like a Christmas tree. Carol blew me away with her knowledge, and was incredibly generous with her time.

Carol also sent me LOTS of valuable information that I could use IMMEDIATELY!

Since the consultation with Carol I have successfully written my special report. And so far it’s working amazingly well.

If you are looking for help with a sales letter or your marketing, I strongly recommend you call Carol Bentley”

Marcus DSilva,
author of ‘How to Change Your Life with the Amazing Secrets of Hypnosis’ and
‘Weight Loss the Forgotten Secret’

Speaking Presentations:

I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and one of the ways I can do that is through public speaking at business events.

If you have a company or business organisation conference and would like a quality speaker sharing real take-away value insights to copywriting and marketing please get in touch. Either call my office on +44 (0)1929 423411 or use the Ask Your Question link on the menu above. If you prefer, watch a video of one of my presentations before getting in touch: Charismatic Letters

Copywriting Presentation:

“Having run my Company for 8 years, I am only too well aware of the pitfalls when dealing with so called professional people or departments and it is a breath of fresh air when someone like Carol Bentley comes along and restores ones faith in the word “Professionalism”.

I have recently attended a business event where Carol was presenting and to say the very least I was impressed. Not only is Carol a very nice person, but her approach was both impeccable and plausible. Throughout the presentation the audience interest was maintained due to the straight forward and understandable delivery of her material, and she was able to get a tremendous amount of participation because of her good humour and her ability to take time to understand people’s individual questions.

In this day and age it is all too easy to complain when you pay for a service and get sub standard results, but anyone who has met and heard Carol will know that consistently she delivers the goods, and I personally am only too pleased to advocate her.”

Nigel Tucker
Otterdene Studios,
Poole, UK


Copywriting Presentation: Writing Stunning Sales Letters

“Before hearing Carol’s presentation I thought very differently about writing copy or sales letters, in fact I really didn’t look forward to it at all!

However, right from the very first moment she really worked a spell on me as she has a magical way of delivering and simplifying this challenging subject.

I left with HUGE self confidence in my writing abilities as well as a new power to move and persuade others through the written word!

A talented and skillful lady!”

Kevin Martyn
Doing It Right Ltd


Copywriting Presentation: How to Write Winning Sales Letters

“There aren’t many people, who are experts in their field, that can actually communicate and transfer their skills to other people.

Carol’s knowledge and relaxed method of teaching made the whole subject crystal clear, easy to absorb and straightforward to put into practice.”

Paul Thackeray
Managing Director & Vice President EMEA
Barracuda Networks, Basingstoke

Copywriting Workshops:

Combining my background in IT Training with my Dale Carnegie Training skills and my extensive knowledge of copywriting is the most natural thing to do.

The workshops I offer for in-house training are extensively hands-on in contrast to my speaking presentations. By the end of the workshop each delegate has written a good foundation sales letter they can develop further.

Copywriting Workshop:

“We got exactly what we wanted from the day; external training from someone with a proven track record. They [the delegates] all had a reasonable basic grasp, but there’s a big gulf between that and producing winning copy.

The day backed up what they’ve learnt internally and provided a set of easily used ‘tools’ to improve. We all thought your service was fantastic; very professional, well organised and presented. Nothing negative came up afterwards – all positive. From the feedback I’ve received, they all found your style of presenting very comfortable and entertaining. It wasn’t just presenting by numbers which we’ve experienced on many occasions.

Thanks again for the day. As the team grows and others have responsibility for writing marketing material, we’d definitely repeat the session.”

Matt Tindall
Creative Director
288 Group / Westminster Collection


Copywriting Workshop:

“Carol’s [copywriting] session was an eye-opener. I can write a sales letter already, have done over the years and brought in many millions of pounds of business, but I didn’t realise what a science there was in it.”

John Davidson
Gas-Elec Safety Systems
West Drayton, UK

Here are a few more comments from clients I’ve worked with:

Copywriting Services: Web and Email Campaign Copywriting

“Thank you for yesterday I found it very rewarding, you are very professional. May I also say when I was looking for a copywriter I spoke to many and you are the one I wanted to work with.

You took the time and effort to talk with me and understand me and also you are doing more for me than any of the others.

Once I am up and running and the wheel is turning as I meet other marketers I will put your name forward.

Thank you”

Peter Smith,
Bradford, UK


Copywriting Services: Bentley Makeover

“The appeal went very well, raising over £170,000! Thank you very much for your help with it. I have used many of the techniques that Carol taught me in other fundraising letters I have written too.”

Email to Carol’s PA from
Nichola Peach
Appeals Co-ordinator
The Children’s Society


Copywriting Services: Bentley Makeover

“The ‘Bentley Makeover’ was key in taking my brochure from being good to being a very effective marketing piece. Well that’s how I feel about it.

The reasons being, although the changes were quite subtle, it made the difference especially when u told me about the “you” instead of the “you’ll”, the point is making it the present tense – the now. This primes the thoughts of the reader.”

Azi Azhakesan
Halcyon Life Ltd (By email)


Copywriting Services: Consultation

“Thank you so much for your help. I am really pleased and impressed with what you have done for me. And for the education…”

Ivan Rose,
Whitewoods Ltd


Copywriting Services: Consultation

“Thanks again for the advice. I never dreamed that I’d journey so far on the back of one book! They say excellence = expectation + 1. I think you’ve already delivered expectation + 101!

David Bowen
Cosely, West Midlands


Copywriting Teleconference:

“Carol’s teleconference is the finest example I have witnessed of receiving one of, it not the UK’s best, copywriting expertise, advice and counsel without leaving your desk!”

Brian James
The Brian James Group


Copywriting Teleconference:

“I’ve been writing direct response sales letters now for 3 years. So although I was looking forward to your teleconference to be honest I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new.

How wrong I was!

I picked up at least 7 new great ideas that I can (and have) put into practice immediately. It was genuinely the best use of 70 minutes that I’ve made all year. With these new insights I now know I will continue ‘outsmarting’ all my competitors – and believe me that’s a wonderful feeling!”

Grant Marsh
Managing Director
IC Office Solutions


Copywriting Services: Consultation

“Your advice is much more broadly applicable than just letters, and the ‘take-aways’ are REALLY good.”

Steve Bower
Seven Communications Ltd


Copywriting Workshop:

“I’ve never done anything like this [copywriting] before and it’s given me a good basis to start and have a go at it.”

Ian Grimwood
Scotchcare Services


Copywriting Workshop:

“I’ve always been able to write creative work, this will take it a lot further, with the science and structure, features and benefits and being able to turn them into buying points for the clients.”

Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes Photography


Copywriting Workshop:

“I’ve read many books on copywriting, but it’s good to hear someone speak.
I picked up some valuable tips [from Carol] even though I’ve read all the books on Amazon for copywriting. I’ve got increased confidence from this.”

Sadhiv Mahundra
Natural Elements


Copywriting Services: Bentley Makeover

“Carol immediately put me at ease with producing a sales letter, something I don’t find easy, providing a questionnaire and hints and tips that make you consider what you are about to write.

Always helpful and considerate, but at the same time honest and not frightened to speak the truth, Carol’s review came quickly, despite me delaying sending in the letter in the first place, and using techniques where I learnt rather than just receiving an amended document.

The final letter is a vast improvement over the original, which is due to Carol’s experience and insight. I have no doubt it will attract new customers over the next few weeks as the letter is sent out.”

Nigel West, Operations Support (Software) Limited