testing – which video style works for you?

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Finding new ways of raising your business above the noise of your competitors’ marketing is paramount to your success.

And video is becoming more popular Рalmost a necessity  Рin online marketing.

But a new type of video presentation is emerging… whiteboard drawings.

I’ve come across a few examples of this new style that is promoted as being more compelling to watch and is supposed to make your message stand out from the crowd, especially compared to the normal PowerPoint style video presentation.

Now, I must admit, I do find them entertaining, but are they just a gimmick or do they really get the message across more effectively?

Take a look at these two video clip examples.

Video 1 – PowerPoint Presentation

This first one is a two-minute video I created ready for a new website I’m preparing.¬†There is no sound and the transitions between the slides are quite slow because the video is appearing on the home page and I want to give visitors time to read the text.

This is a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. I ran the show and recorded the screen using Camtasia.

Video 2 – Whiteboard Drawing

The second video (below) is a 1-minute clip in the new style. It has a musical background and I added a voice over – ready to put it up on YouTube.

This video was created by the folks at HypnoVid.

It is not an expensive service, just $199 for a 1-min video like this, including the musical background. If you need a script, voice over or longer clip then it does cost more.

I supplied the script and, as I mentioned above, added the voice over myself afterwards.

Your Thoughts?

So, now I’m curious. What do you think of the whiteboard drawing? Do you prefer that to the more traditional, PowerPoint presentation style video?

Vote for the video you prefer below:


~ Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

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