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Carol BentleyYou are probably aware of videos being used for online marketing...

...especially for selling online information products, services and training.

But did you know that video can have an exciting impact on offline business sales as well?

Video Doubled My Roofline Replacement Sales!

"Compared to the same period in 2013, adding video to our website helped to generate 186% more enquiries that resulted in a 200.6% sales boost.

Business jumped from £14,550 to £29,480
and that was just for the first 3 months!"
Simon Steward
Managing Director, Anglia Roofline Ltd

Simon wanted to get more sales leads through his website and I told him that adding video would help attract visitors and persuade more of them to ask for his no-obligation survey and quote - and it worked!

Here's one of the videos we added to his website:

Why Did I Tell Simon To Add Video?

Because video is the most powerful, efficient and effective way of promoting your business.

Let me share some statistics with you...

Did you know, according to a recent survey*. . .
And. . .

For B2B companies. . .

Those are impressive stats, aren't they?

So Why Is Video So Good For Business?

Note: YouTube is fast becoming the biggest search engine online and is ideal for driving traffic to your website, BUT don't use the YouTube video on your website. Why? Because you don't want to distract your website visitors with YouTube adverts or 'related videos'.

If You Are Not Using Video In Your Marketing. . . are losing prospective customers, possibly to competitors who are using video promotion

BUT. . . your video must

How To Create An Effective Lead Generating Video

This is what your video should have:

A Powerful Script:
The video script delivers your message and call-to-action, through video content, text and graphics and, where appropriate, voice-over. Unless you are really, really good at writing sales copy get it done professionally. It is worth the investment.

Engaging Content:Your video must engage or entertain your viewer. This is why whiteboard animation videos are so popular. They are amazingly effective because they attract attention. People watching are engaged and intrigued as the content is drawn so they are entertained and, at the same time, see your important message.

Appropriate Soundtrack:Your video soundtrack can be music background, voice-over or both. It must be appropriate for your business and message. Upbeat music is not suitable for a funeral director's video!

Quality Video Production:Low quality video does you no favours. Your video is part of your business image and the quality of the production, whatever the content, is important.

Less Than 3 Minutes Duration: The reality is that people's attention spans are shorter. A long, rambling (boring) video is abandoned very quickly. Ideally your lead generating video should be less than 3 minutes — the shorter the better. Aim to get your important message across quickly so your viewer is engaged enough to watch the whole video and see your call-to-action.

Get Your Lead Generating Video Now...
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Want a lead generating video? Or, to put it another way...

Do you want to gain more enquiries and business through your website?

If you said "Yes!" (and which business owner wouldn't?) then I have a special package for you...

But first, let's see what producing a quality 3-minute, whiteboard animation, video normally costs (based on online searches for video production companies):

Professionally written script... standard industry fee £360
Audio voice-over... fees up to £125
Quality background music... perpetual license £120
Animated Whiteboard Production... up to £700+ depending upon the supplier you choose

That equates to an investment of at least... 1,305 for just one video!

Now if having a video on your website boosts your sales from £14,550 to £24,980 — as it did for Simon — then that is a bargain, isn't it?

BUT... it is also a lot to spend if you are unsure or if you want to create a series of videos (Simon added four videos on different pages on his website).

Because I've had good success with videos for other clients too, I'm eager to help you gain the benefits they've enjoyed. So, for select customers only, I'm offering a complete whiteboard animation video package, as described above, for the stunningly low price of...


Including — if you have a YouTube channel — uploading and optimising the video for your chosen keyword to give your video the greatest exposure possible in the YouTube and Google search results.

What's more you only need to pay 100 deposit to reserve your spot.

This really is a hassle-free way to get started with video marketing, but there is a catch — there usually is isn't there? It's not a big one...

... it's simply, because there is a limit to how many of these packages I can handle at this price and give my total professional attention to, I am limiting this current offer to...

Act quickly, reserve your bargain video package now:

100 deposit reserves your lead-generation video package and...

sets the process off (the balance is due after we have agreed what you would like and before work starts on your script & video production):

Quick! Grab Your Lead/Sales Generating Video Package... simply pay 100 deposit and reserve your spot Now — click the 'Order Now!' button below...

If you are one of the first quick-acting 10 your deposit is accepted this is what happens:

You are taken to a confirmation page to get your video questionnaire.

Please download, complete the questionnaire and email it back (within 5 days) so I know what you want your video to do for you.

Kelly, my PA, will then contact you to arrange a telephone or Skype appointment to discuss your video content and agree a delivery date.

That's all it takes... I look forward to helping you start your sales generating video marketing strategy.

Still unsure?

Remember Video Works for All Types of Businesses...

Video is the marketing tool for ecommerce and it is just as effective for offline businesses too.

I've already shared how video boosted enquiries and sales for Anglia Roofline — an offline business.

Here are a few other examples of how whiteboard animated videos have been used by other businesses:

Lead Generation Video:

Sales Video:

Services Lead Generation Video:

By now I am sure you can see video is a powerful marketing tool, one that you cannot afford to ignore especially at this bargain price.

Get your request in now and make sure you are one of the business owners who act quickly enough to get one of these 10 video packages. Quick, before they are all gone.

Quick! Grab Your Lead/Sales Generating Video Package... simply pay 100 deposit and reserve your spot Now — click the 'Order Now!' button below...

Kind regards,

Carol Bentley is a professional copywriter specialising in direct response marketing, including writing video scripts for whiteboard animation videos.

Carol is also an author of four books on copywriting and marketing - all rated 5* on

P.S. Get your professionally scripted and produced whiteboard animation lead generating video now — send in your request before all 10 packages are snapped up!

* survey by