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An article or blog post has caught your attention, you want to read it but you are short of time. So what do you do?

You can bookmark the page to go back to later (if you remember).

You can print the page to keep for reading when you have time – not the most environmentally friendly way and sometimes the printed result is not formatted in a reader-friendly way.

How about sending it to your Kindle reader?

Amazon have released the Send to Kindle button  You can get the button for your blog or website.

Send to Kindle

I’ve installed it on this blog so it appears above every new post I add from now on.

Now when you see a post you want to read, but don’t have time, or find a post you would like to keep for reference you can simply hit the Send to Kindle button and it is sent to your Kindle/ Kindle App for you to read at a more convenient time.

You don’t need a Kindle to use this service, you can get a free Kindle App for your smartphone, computer, tablet or even have a Kindle Cloud Reader.

However, you do need a Kindle account to use this service, so it’s definitely worth spending a bit of time signing up, especially when you consider the time you’ll save in the future and the fact you can use the Kindle button to collect articles and posts to build your own copywriting / business tips reference library.

~Carol Bentley

Written by Carol Bentley

2 Responses to “why read this now?”

  • Glad you think it is useful Karin. Hopefully other readers will think it is handy too! :)

  • Now that is what I call a great tip Carol!
    Will look at the various options Amazon gives me to select the best one available for our site(s).